Become a Member at Long Island Sound’s Premier Yachting and Beach Club

The Morris Yacht & Beach Club is, by far, the most affordable Yacht Club in the area. There are two membership types – Regular, and Associate.

The club grounds are secured by a fence. All members receive a gate card that will automatically open the entrance gate. The gate self-closes after your entrance.

Regular Membership

Regular members have use of all facilities of the club, are permitted to keep a boat in the Morris fleet, attend membership meetings, and vote on issues. By attending meetings and voting you have a voice in the governance of the club. A Regular Member can be single or can join with a significant other or family.

In the winter regular members can store their boat at the club. We offer reasonable rates for a package of: Fall Haul-out, Winter Storage, and Spring Launch of your boat.

Regular members can rent a large locker and/or a Kayak/Paddleboard rack for the season.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is even more affordable and is designed for non-boat owners who simply want to enjoy the club’s grounds, enjoy a meal in our restaurant, have a cocktail at the bar, sit on the beach, or just take in a glorious sunset.

Economical Associate memberships are available to:

  • Families (Family Associate)
  • Singles (Single Associate)
  • Seniors (Senior Associate) 65 and over.

Associate members have use of all facilities of the club but are not permitted to keep a boat at the club, attend membership meetings or vote.

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