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March News 2024

March News 2024

By Woody Tiller,

The bar and restaurant will reopen on March 15th. Morris Board Member, Steve Owens, has made an excellent effort to refurbish the area. He told me, “Members will be surprised when they walk in the door and see the first of the renovations.” The entryway floor and hall floor have been sanded and refinished.

As members continue to walk around, they’ll notice that the men’s and women’s restrooms have been repainted. The bar woodwork, and the restaurant walls have also been refinished. In the bar area Steve and our IT person, Greg Garcia, have installed a new point-of-sale electronic system. The staff have all been trained in how to use it so we anticipate things will run smoothly. Pancho, our executive chef, is excited about the return of members and their families. He is looking forward to preparing some of your favorite dishes, so bring your appetite!

Members will also be impressed when they see the catering hall has been refurbished.