About MYBC

Long Island Sound’s Premier Yachting and Beach Club

Members & visitors enjoy easy access to NYC, the Long Island Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean from our well-protected City Island location.  Our waterfront property has a large lawn area with picnic benches, a private beach, a fishing pier, and launch operations to get you to and from your boat.  Our restaurant offers fine dining with an amazing waterfront view of the New York City skyline.

For more than 100 years, the Morris Yacht and Beach Club (MYBC) has been an institution on City Island, and our clubhouse a welcome landmark for sailors returning from a day, weekend, or extended cruise. Many have celebrated birthdays, weddings and other important events at our club, and some members have seen their children and grandchildren grow up and thrive here. Even members who don’t live on City Island call our community their second home.

When we lost the clubhouse in a fire on March 9th, 2012, many City Islanders feared that the Morris was gone, and that the property so loved by members and non-members alike would be sold. Our members united and voted to build a new clubhouse from the ground up.

Within days of the fire, Commodores from the Harlem YC, Stuyvesant YC and City Island YC called to offer meeting space and any other accommodations that we needed. The Commander of the island’s American Legion post as well as the Lido Restaurant also offered their facilities to us. At his invitation, a delegation from our Board of Directors met with Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, who gave enthusiastic support and offered his office’s assistance.

As we continue to celebrate our new clubhouse, we will never forget the outpouring of warm feelings, generosity, and support that our fellow City Islanders have shown us. We at the Morris Yacht & Beach Club are proud and honored to be a part of the City Island community.



Commodore – Mike Barrett

Vice Commodore – Kevin Flaherty

Rear Commodore – vacant

Treasurer – James Proios

Assistant Treasurer – Cathy McCandless

Corresponding Secretary – Cathy Henry

Financial Secretary – June Henry

Recording Secretary – Pat Napolitano

House Secretary – Lorenzo Secola

Environment, Health & Safety – Greg Clancy

Fleet Captain – Greg Manjorin

Board Members

Chairman of the Board – Al Hagan

Auditing – Mike Rauh

Beach & Lifeguards – Greg Penny Jr

Grounds – Kevin Flynn

House – Steve Owens

Maintenance – Ed Spallina

Membership – Corley Schaller

Mooring & Ways – Adam Calbo, Joe Kramer

Contact Information

Morris Yacht and Beach Club
P.O. Box 10
City Island, NY 10464

Business Office: 718-885-9814

Dining & Catering: 718 885-1596 or 718 516-6282

VHF: Channel 72

Webmaster: Steve Owens